Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting Services, LLC - Where your pet is always at home.
I have been a multiple pet owner all of my life. Four years of which has been concentrated in the care and rehabilitation of homeless dogs. Overall, I have fostered over 45+ dogs in this setting. I have also trained and certified one of the very few scent hounds as a therapy dog in the state of New Jersey! Something I personally would never recommend. 
Home Sweet Home has been in business for the past seven years and I can say without hesitation that the animals and the people attached to them have been an absolute godsend in my life. Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would find my calling as I now have here at home.
My passion is to care for and love animals. Plain and simple. And with this in mind, I feel that each pet is an individual, much like people, and deserve individual attention that solely fits their own individual personalities and needs.
 Member Pet Sitting Associates, LLC.
Me at 11th Hour Rescue
Jean Rivinius, Pet Specialist
Jean Rivinius, Pet Specialist
With some of the gang @ Park Lake!
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